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Nice Amistad photos

Check out these amistad images:

Image by capiicua
Les meves amigues són el suport més gran en la meva vida.

Image by eclectic echoes
The Amistad sailing east up the Long Island Sound off the coast of Niantic… far off the coast of Niantic. This is a 100% crop from the 400mm. I like how it looks through the haze…sort of takes ya back in time…

At first I thought this was the Mystic Whaler, another ~100′ schooner that runs a similar sailplan. However the Mystic Whaler doesn’t have raked masts as the ship in this picture.

The Amistad however does, and she returned to port at Mystic recently. The reproduction Amistad was built at the Mystic Seaport and calls New Haven it’s home port. It returns to Mystic regularly when not on charter sails and other tours. Definitely the Amistad.


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